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Prepping for Survival...... 
                    A Girl's Point of View!


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1st Step – Get the Premium Starter Kit!

Whether you would like to get wholesale pricing (24% off) on your essential oils and products from Young Living, you are looking to build a business with Young Living, or both!!

                                                                  HERE’S YOUR FIRST STEP –> 

        Enroll as a Distributor and Get the Premium Starter Kit
The Premium Starter Kit comes with:

  The Everyday Oils collection (5 ml bottles each of lavender, peppermint, frankincense, lemon, PanAway, Purification, Peace & Calming, Thieves, Joy, & Valor) – $165 value


 *   A 5 ml bottle of Stress Away essential oil (an $13 value) — FREE

 *   An essential oil home diffuser (an $98 value) — FREE

 *   Other product samples and materials, and 24% off future purchases of essential oil and other products from Young Living    (you become a member of Young Living)* (a $22 value) — FREE

*    Wholesale pricing – 24% off – on all future purchases

*    Earn bonuses when you refer people to Prepper Chicks/Young Living Essential Oils


 Access to our YL Team Synergy Facebook group where you can ask your business-related questions and we share what is working for us in building our business, 
               as well as to the Divine Oilers Facebook group (part of our wider network) where we have weekly business training calls — FREE

Get the Premium Starter Kit ($511 value) for only $150 plus tax & shipping!!!
Common Questions Answered

Q. If I enroll as a distributor, will I need to place a monthly order?

A. There is no obligation to order monthly. As long as you purchase 50 PV (~$50) in products per year using your Young Living account, you will remain an active distributor.

Young Living does have a monthly order program called the Essential Rewards Autoship Program. There are many perks to enrolling in Essential Rewards, including access to reduced-cost product packs, reduced shipping costs, and earning points to redeem for free products. But participation in Essential Rewards is 100% optional.

During the enrollment process you can either choose to enroll in Essential Rewards or opt out. Either way is just fine. =)

Q. Do I have to build a business if I enroll as a distributor?

A. No – building a business with Young Living is optional. Many of our distributors enroll just so they can get the wholesale pricing for themselves and their families. As they share the results they get with their family and loved ones, it is common for people to do a little business and earn bonuses from Young Living without even trying!

Q. Why do I need to supply my Social Security Number or Tax ID Number?

A. For U.S. distributors, Young Living Essential Oils is required by law to report any annual earnings of $600 or more to the IRS and send you a W-2.